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We accept payment by cash, cheque or card. All our treatments are individually tailored, in some cases prices may vary from those listed below. If this is the case, your podiatrist will discuss this with you before commencing your treatment.

If you would like to book an appointment or discuss any of the treatment options listed below in more detail, please Contact Us.


First Visit – £49

Initial consultation, this will typically include treatment. If a follow-up appointment is indicated, this will be discussed with you on the day.

Follow Up and/or Routine Appointments – £43

Our treatment will be tailored to your specific needs, but typically includes treatment of painful corns, reduction of hard skin, nail care and the application of an emollient.

Appointments are typically 30 minutes.

Home Visits – From £49

We offer a limited number of home visits to our less mobile patients. Due to the limited number of home appointments available, priority is given to those in most need of this service.

Appointments are typically 30 minutes.


Acupuncture – From £49

Acupuncture can be a fantastic tool in relieving chronic foot pain. It may be indicated for plantar fasciitis, neuritis and neuroma, as well as achilles tendonitis.


First Verruca Treatment – £49

This treatment is a great starting point to reduce verruca tissue and kick start the body’s immune response. It is only likely to be effective if undertaken in conjunction with an established over the counter verruca therapy.

This treatment does not guarantee complete removal of verrucas, but is the most effective treatment currently available for the treatment of verrucas and is considered to be current best practice based on clinical trial evidence.

Follow Up Verruca Therapy – £35

After the initial Verruca treatment, patients may wish to pursue a course of follow-up treatments aimed at maximising the therapy’s effectiveness. Follow Up Verruca appointments are typically 15 minutes in duration.

This treatment package does not guarantee complete removal of a verruca, but is the most effective treatment currently available for the treatment of verrucas and is considered to be current best practice based on clinical trial evidence.

We also offer a natural verruca therapy for those who prefer holistic treatments. This treatment involves the application of a herbal calendula tincture.

Ingrowing Nails

Conservative Ingrown Nail Relief – £49

Wherever possible, we aim to treat ingrown nails conservatively. It is often possible to remove painful nail spurs and provide immediate relief to patients using these methods. However, in the case of severe or recurring nail problems, your podiatrist may recommend Ingrown Nail Surgery.

Pre-Surgery Assessment Appointment – £49
Ingrown Nail Surgery (1 toe)- £339
Ingrown Nail Surgery (2 toes)- £359

Nail surgery at Wilson Podiatry includes:

  • Pre- and Post-Surgical Advice
  • Local Anaesthetic
  • Surgery (with 2 podiatrists attending)
  • Comprehensive After-care (with 2 redressing appointments)


Orthotic Assessment Appointment- £49
Orthotic Devices / Insoles – Starting from £64
Fully Customised Orthotic Device – £339

We specialise in providing orthotics for patients with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Our custom-made orthotics are manufactured from highly accurate dual-laser 3D scans. Click Here for more information on the benefits of custom-made orthotics.

If indicated following an initial consultation, Stan or Matthew may recommend a bespoke orthotic device to improve your foot function or alleviate foot pain.

Cancellation Policy

We request that any changes to booked appointments are made with at least 48 hours notice. Please give us a ring or email and we’ll happily rearrange your appointment.

All appointments missed without 48 hours notice are chargeable.

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