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A great idea from Diabetes UK!

A great idea from Diabetes UK!

Diabetes is a challenging disease. In my experience as a podiatrist, patients newly diagnosed with Diabetes can find the flood of lifestyle change advice a bit overwhelming .

Diabetes UK does a great job of providing help, support and information to people with Diabetes. I recently came across this resource on their website and I thought it was a really good idea.

Diabetes UK New Balance Trainers Range

As a podiatrist, I am often recommending that my patients switch to a more forgiving shoe, especially if they have Diabetes related foot problems.  Diabetes UK are selling this range of New Balance shoes at a reasonable price (around £40) and they are one of the brands that I frequently recommend in the podiatry clinic.*

New Balance aren’t the only brand of shoes that provide the right cushioning and foot protection, there are loads of great options. There are also some great orthotic devices designed specifically for the diabetic foot. These are designed to protect the foot from excessive forces and stresses.

If you’d like to discuss some footwear or foot care options, why not book a Diabetic Foot Assessment at our Woking Podiatry clinic. Alternatively Contact Us on our website. We’re happy to give free advice.

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*I have no affiliation with New Balance or Diabetes UK and no commercial interest in recommending this product.

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