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What is a corn?

A corn is a small area of hard, thickened skin. It often has a pointed centre, or nucleus, that presses into the surface of the foot causing severe discomfort. Corns normally occur over joints, on the sole of the feet or on the toes.

What Causes Corns?

Corns occur because of excess pressure, rubbing or friction on the skin and joints of the foot.

Why Do I have a Corn?

Corn formation is often related to foot shape. A minor abnormality in foot shape such as a bunion or a hammer toe can lead to excess pressure in that area. The body reacts by creating hard skin to protect the affected area and this hard skin frequently develops into a painful corn.

Tight fitting footwear and arthritic joints are also common factors that cause or exacerbate corn formation.

How Do I Treat Corns?

Chiropodists and Podiatrists are experts in treating painful corns.

  • The painful hard skin can be removed with a scalpel
  • The affected joint can be padded to alleviate pressure
  • Orthotics and insoles can redistribute pressure away from the problematic area
  • A change in footwear can alleviate pressure in certain circumstances
  • A foot care regime including frequent moisturising can limit hard skin formation

At Wilson Podiatry, we are experts in the removal of painful corns. We also aim to address the cause of the condition, keeping you happy and pain-free for the long-term.

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