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What are they?

Chiropodists refer to bunions as “hallux valgus”. A bunion typically presents as a bump to the side of the big toe joint. The toe may also be bent inwards towards the smaller toes. Bunions are often very painful. The surrounding area can appear red and swollen and the toe joint may become very stiff. Hard skin will often build up around the bunion and may develop into a painful corn.

How are they caused?

Bunions can have many causes, but they are predominantly the result of abnormal foot function. The shape of your foot and the way that you walk impacts on the ability of your big toe to move freely when walking and running. Over time this can lead to joint damage and the big toe being displaced towards the lesser toes.

What is the treatment?

Bunions can be corrected by a number of surgical procedures. These are normally recommended only if the condition is causing significant pain and discomfort. Orthotic insoles can be designed to allow extra movement for the big toe and to protect the foot from abnormal stresses. A chiropodist can reduce hard skin and remove painful corns from the affected area. Your chiropodist may also pad the area to protect the joint and improve comfort levels.

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